A Stroll Through the Garden

This morning I took a personal field trip to Rogers Gardens.  I haven’t been there for about 10 years.  As I strolled through the aisles of flowers, plants, trees and herbs, the smell of beauty filled the air.  There was quiet music playing in the background.  Color and texture everywhere.  I walked slowly.  I breathed […]


Ok – first of all I have to say how beautiful I think my friend, Sabrina, is.  You are not going to believe it when you see these shots, but she is over 40 (I think I have permission to say that) AND she is the mother of 5 children!  Can anyone say Yowza?  Sabrina […]


Rebecca is full of life and personality.  She is really a “mini-me” of her mom, Sabrina.  You will see Sabrina in the next post.  For now, enjoy the cherubic face of Rebecca (“I’m almost 7”).

Doug & Sabrina

Doug & Sabrina are very good friends.  We go waaayyyyy back.  (Not that any of us are getting old).  I had fun taking some shots of them together last weekend.  What a beautiful couple! Here is a fun picture of their whole family.  It’s from a distance, but it’s still kinda cool!


A few months ago my son and his girlfriend went to the Winter Formal at their high school.  I took them out for a photo shoot before the dance.  We were walking through a park and I looked down at the grass and saw these amazing shadows.  I yelled, “Stop right there!”  I love this […]


Briana is a vivacious 8th grader.  She is full of life and fun to be with.  We had a great time at the beach the other day.  Enjoy! Here is a fun pic of Briana, Jennie and their mom, Kristi. And here is Briana, Jennie and Kearci.


I had fun the other day driving around looking for wildflowers with my young friend, Jessica.  We were aiming at a field of flowers that I recently found.  Along the way, we found other wildflowers (ok, they were weeds), but they were really cool.  As you will see, Jessica has a great smile and a […]